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  • tracking online gifts

    Hi All, We currently accept online credit card gifts via our website. I enter the gifts with the pay method of "credit card." Well, now I am being asked to track which "credit cards" are from the machine in the office and which are from the website. Is anyone else tracking this? Any...
    Posted to Forum by Shawn Murray on 09-15-2014
  • Multiple Solicitors on a Gift

    Our organization is looking at how to track multiple solicitors of a single gift/pledge. Often these can get quite complex with, for example, a $2M gift credited as follows: $2M to President's Office, $1.5M to Faculty A solicitor, $500,000 to Faculty B solicitor. Obviously, they do not add up to...
    Posted to Forum by Shelly Steenhorst-Baker on 07-28-2014
  • When commiting a batch and PaperSave is in use backups are attached to the wrong gifts

    Would like to know if anyone is using PaperSave and also is using the gift batch entry. The system is having problem connecting the new gift id created when committing a batch with a system record id that has the same number as the new gift id created by the batch. Therefore, attaching the documents...
    Posted to Forum by Sofia Durkee on 05-28-2014
  • Best Practices - Donor Advised Fund; Hard Credit or Soft Credit

    How does your organization credit Donor Advised Funds? Currently I credit gifts made through a donor advised fund as counted as coming from an organization not an individual. Donors who made the original gift to the fund (and that person’s spouse or partner if applicable) should receive soft credit for...
    Posted to Forum by Sheila Wortham on 03-03-2014
  • How could we change which constituent made a gift?

    Hi all, We've just found out that one of our individual donors had meant for a series of gifts to be attributed to his company. We have therefore created a new record for his company and would like to correct each of the gifts so that this company is listed as the donor. (Additionally, we would like...
    Posted to Forum by Tom Wright on 01-15-2014
  • Donor advised funds and pledge payments

    I've come across this situation for the first time and wanted to know if the same rulings apply. I've got a pledge commitment from a Family Foundation. We just received a check from a donor advised fund intended to be used to pay down the pledge on the Family foundations record. I know that DAF's...
    Posted to Forum by Maryann Snyder on 12-20-2013
  • Re: Connect Constituents to a Gift - Without Soft Credit

    [quote user="Elizabeth Campbell"] Is there a good option in The Raiser's Edge to link constituents to a gift that they should not be soft-credited for?[/quote] A good option other than SC or solicitor, no. If John Smith is an employee vs. owner/partner with Smith Industries you're right...
    Posted to Forum by JoAnn Strommen on 11-19-2013
  • Connect Constituents to a Gift - Without Soft Credit

    Is there a good option in The Raiser's Edge to link constituents to a gift that they should not be soft-credited for? For example, if John Smith works for Smith Industries, and Smith Industries gives $10,000 without any input from John Smith, our organization would still like to see that when pulling...
    Posted to Forum by Elizabeth Krischer on 11-19-2013
  • Donor designations/restrictions

    Hello, We are - for the first time - receiving restrictions for certain areas of programs (that have associated funds) at our hospital. We are seeking suggestions on how to best track them to honor donor intent as well as to report on $$ available for those specific areas. Creating funds for each designation...
    Posted to Forum by Heather Heyd on 10-07-2013
  • Exporting total giving history with specific fields

    Hi, I need to submit a sample file to a consultant of the giving history of a select number of constituents. It needs to be in excel and have the following fields: First Name Last Name Org/Company Name Date of Gifts Amount Fund Campagin Appeal Transaction Method (cash, check, credit...
    Posted to Forum by Lauren Fardella on 09-16-2013
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