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  • Re: RE P & P Manual - Bequests & Prospect module

    You're most welcome Kristin. Let me know if you have any questions. You can email me directly or post on the forum. Karen khartt@mainecf.org
    Posted to Forum by Karen H. Hartt on 02-01-2012
  • Data Entry Form - New Prospect Record

    I'm looking to create a form for our Major Gift Officers to use when they want new individuals entered in RE7 as prospects. Does anyone have something similar that I can adapt? Thanks!
    Posted to Forum by Rene Rosengren on 01-20-2011
  • RE P & P Manual - Bequests & Prospect module

    Hi all. I have had many requests for my procedures manual since my original post last fall. My manual is many individual documents, some are general in nature and others relate to my organization. I have grouped and zipped the more general procedures for easy distribution to those who have requested...
    Posted to Forum by Karen H. Hartt on 03-18-2010
  • Prospect Management

    Previously shared by Audubon Nature Institute on October 24, 2008.
    Posted to Forum by Sarah McBride on 11-05-2008
  • Prospect & Proposal Status

    Hi David, I just worked this out with our development department last week, and we've arrived at similar conclusions you have. I've attached a document that has helped us better understand these two fields. We've actually renamed the prospect status field to readiness tier to avoid confusion...
    Posted to Forum by Jason Want on 10-24-2008
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