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  • Re: Training Survey

    Rose, The survey document I use is attached. Karen
    Posted to Forum by Karen H. Hartt on 08-26-2010
  • Re: Anonymous Donor Recognition

    Hi Craig. We also use the check box on Bio 1, as well as an attribute. Here is our Policy. I've attached the Donor Bill of Rights as well. Anonymity/Confidentiality Policy The Maine Community Foundation takes donor confidentiality and anonymity very seriously as evidenced by the Donor Bill of Rights...
    Posted to Forum by Karen H. Hartt on 08-25-2010
  • Re: User Rights in RE

    Hi Linda, I am sure you’ll see many different responses to this question. At MaineCF the security levels are based on the needs of the specific person working within in RE, and are loosely related to departmental structure. I have started documenting our security levels and have attached to this thread...
    Posted to Forum by Karen H. Hartt on 08-18-2010
  • Re: Crystal Reports help

    Are you looking for something like in this? See the attached pdf.
    Posted to Forum by Mark Zarbailov on 06-23-2010
  • Re: Major Gift Prospects

    Jeanne, We enter the new constituent and give them a potential code, below. POT1 - >$1,000,000 POT2 - > $250,000 but < $1,000,000 POT3 - > $25,000 but < $250,000 We may also assign a CULT (Cultivation) code depending on if the new constituent is assigned to a solicitor. Once the constituent...
    Posted to Forum by Karen H. Hartt on 06-22-2010
  • Re: Training Document

    Hi Nora, Attached is the our orientation schedule for RE. This is the document I uses as the trainer for our new staff members. Karen
    Posted to Forum by Karen H. Hartt on 06-08-2010
  • Re: Action Tracks: What types do you have? What are the actions?

    Hi Melissa, You're welcome. I am attaching the Action Track procedures here. I am happy to answer any questions either throught the Forum or directly. Karen khartt@mainecf.org
    Posted to Forum by Karen H. Hartt on 05-21-2010
  • Re: Anyone Track Prospect Status for the Constituent?

    Hi Travis, We took a more wide view of tracking our prospects. Micro-managing each detail or change in status is very time consuming. We use our prospect tracking system for major gifts, classified by a Potential to Give code. Our smaller appeals are tracked by the Appeals tab and actions. We record...
    Posted to Forum by Karen H. Hartt on 05-11-2010
  • Re: Data pull checklist

    Hi Rose. Attached is the RE Data Request form we use for all requests. Let me know if you have any questions. Karen
    Posted to Forum by Karen H. Hartt on 05-07-2010
  • Re: Default Search Options??

    Kris, I agree with JoAnn, we do not uncheck any boxes. They are a good way to avoid duplicate records. If you use the quick search from the records tab and not open a constituent, you'll see the boxes in the ungrayed format. If your check boxes are not always checked go to the Options button on the...
    Posted to Forum by Karen H. Hartt on 05-04-2010
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