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Remote FAWEB Access

Last post 05-29-2008 11:22 AM by Dan Baker. 4 replies.
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  • 01-22-2007 3:34 PM

    Remote FAWEB Access

    Does anyone have any experience allowing teachers to use FAWEB7 remotely? Do you have security issues or concerns?
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    Remote FAWEB Access

    Our teachers have been accessing FAWeb remotely for about 3 years now. Our IT Department set FAWeb up on a separate Web server for security purposes. To my knowledge, we haven't had any issues. It's wonderful for faculty as it gives them after hours and weekend access. As supervisor, I can also access it remotely and assist them if they email me after hours and ask for help. If you have specific questions about how to set the server up, I could get someone in our IT dept to contact you. Debra Fitzgerald, Registrar, The Steward School
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    • Barbara Prine
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    Remote FAWEB Access

    We're still using FAWEB6 but the theory is the same, and we haven't had any security issues either. Our faculty with fast internet access use it frequently from home. We have it set up not to allow anonymous access - you must have an account on our domain to use it. Barbara Prine Kingswood-Oxford School
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    • Norm Dunkin
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    Remote FAWEB Access

    We are in our second year of using FAWeb version 7 with remote access. No problems with security. We too have a dedicated server for FAWeb and NetClassroom. One thing I have to harp on the teachers about is the security of their password. I have to continually warn them that if a student gets ahold of their password they can wreak havoc in their gradebook. Our access to FAWeb outside of school is via our school website. The link is hidden so that only the teachers know about it. We move it around from time to time. This keeps students from sitting around trying to hack into a teachers account if they find the hidden link. Norm Dunkin Landmark Christian School [Email Removed]
    Norm Dunkin
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    Landmark Christian School
    Fairburn, GA USA
  • 05-29-2008 11:22 AM In reply to

    • Dan Baker
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    Re: Remote FAWEB Access

    I can not stress this enough, ONLY do this is you enable SSL access, and only allow access VIA SSL!  Otherwise passwords as strong as they may be can easily be compromised if users are using public wifi access.  You should be using ssl for all passwords on the web anyway...

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