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EFT and links to BAC's Payaway

Last post 11-07-2007 4:48 AM by Steve Mewes. 0 replies.
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  • 11-07-2007 4:48 AM

    • Steve Mewes
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    • Organization: National Osteoporosis Society

    EFT and links to BAC's Payaway


    As part of the whole EFT/BAC’s/Papperless DD thing we are still doing it the wrong way so that inaccuracies creep in and it takes us longer.

    Now the R.Edge side of things I’m sure we can work out, the problem is our BAC’s software, Payaway.

    What we would like to do is visit someone who uses

    1. Raisers Edge
    2. NatWest Payaway (as their BAC’s system) and
    4. Uses EFT to transfer direct debit info to Payaway

    Is there someone out there who does all of the above and don’t mind me visiting them for a day to pick their brains, ideally in the next 4 weeks?


    National Osteoporosis Society, Somerset

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