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Acknowledgment Letters

Last post 05-18-2010 1:22 PM by Melissa Brown. 7 replies.
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  • 03-12-2010 4:39 PM

    • Amanda Mumm
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    Acknowledgment Letters

    Ok, I know there has to be a way that I can skip a step in the process of sending out acknowledgment letters to NOK's. Right now here is what I do:


    1.enter the gift info

    2.using the tribute module indicate in memory of ***

    3. in the tribute module add the NOK 

    4. write the nok's info on a sticky

    5. match up the sticky note to the bottom part of the receipt that detaches off and goes to the donor as well as a letter that I manually go in and change the name, address, date etc. 

    I'm just thinking there has to be a way of being able to generate the letter from RE since I have indicated the nok info...right? 

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  • 05-11-2010 4:50 PM In reply to

    Re: Acknowledgment Letters

    We do our donor receipts seperate from the family acknowledgement.  We do not do a letter, we use a "form" that looks like this: For some reason all the font's didn't come through in copy..and we put inside a Donr card that has additional information about our organization and othergiving opportunities.

                                                                                                      Gift Receipt

                                                       We gratefully acknowledge receipt of your gift to the "organization name" supporting:                                                                 Children's Health Servicesin memory of "Deceased"     

                                                                                                            We have notified "NOK"


    Donor: ABC

    Date Received: 03/25/2010     Amount Received: $

    Donation: $0.00 Receipt #: 123; Check #:12345


    Please retain this receipt to support any charitable deduction you may claim. 

    When Donation Amount is less than Amount Received, gifts or services were provided


    Then we do another export to the family:  This is also put inside a card with Tribute information and tells families about area funds were designated for.

    Tribute Giving

    We gratefully acknowledge Mrs. NOK of a

    gift which has been made to the "organization name"  in memory of



    Donor info



                                                                                     Supporting Children's Health Services

    Then we just match the envelopes with the names.. easy peasy..no sticky note needed.  We print 3 per page..tear offs for each.

    Hope this helps.

  • 05-11-2010 6:15 PM In reply to

    • Amanda Mumm
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    Re: Acknowledgment Letters

     Thank you Debra,

    Our fund development leader insists on sending out a letter with each of the tear offs you show above to the NOK. Each letter is the same except for who gave the donation and who the donation was in memory of.


    Dear Cory,


    Please accept our heartfelt sympathies on the passing of John. I know it is never easy to accept the lost of someone so dear.


    I have enclosed an acknowledgement from Bob and Peggy  who has made a donation in John’s memory.  They have also received a thank you letter along with their charitable tax receipt and we have informed them that you will be notified of their kindness.


    As you know treating cancer involves more than medical procedures. Your commitment and support allows us to offer comfort to our patients through consultation, education and emotional support programs and services. For those that must travel to Regina or Saskatoon, your support allows us to provide an inviting, comfortable home-like environment at the Regina and Saskatoon Cancer Patient Lodges


    Thank you for choosing the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency as the charity of your choice to remember John. We are truly grateful for your support and want to reassure you that your contribution is making a difference for today and tomorrow.

    I suppose the letter is a bit more personal, but we all know that noone really reads them word for word. LOL 


    Thank you again for your reply. :) 

  • 05-12-2010 12:38 PM In reply to

    Re: Acknowledgment Letters

    The RE Mail - H/M Acknowledement Letters are meant for this purpose.

  • 05-12-2010 7:47 PM In reply to

    Re: Acknowledgment Letters

    We do ours a little different.  Yes, we use the tribute module and enter the constituents name in the description field, and enter the NOK under the acknowledgees section.  When a donation comes in we linked them to the tribute module and check the box next to the NOK(s) that should get an acknowledgement letter.  We have built a Crystal report to process all of our acknowledgement letters to cut down on letters.  For example, if there were 5 gifts that came in and there were 3 NOK(s) designated to get the letter we only send out 3 letters with all of the donors listed on the letter instead of 15 letters.  If this is something that you would like to know more about you can email me at desireew@pkdcure.org.

  • 05-18-2010 12:28 PM In reply to

    • Lindy Steen
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    Re: Acknowledgment Letters

    All the answers seem so complicated. We are a hospice, and we do anywhere from 100- 300 letters a day. We do a letter to the donor and a seperate letter to the nok. In the donors letter we reference the amount, date, and the memorial name. There is also a sentence that says 'your name and address has been provided to the family. And another sentence that says please keep this letter as receipt of your gift.

    For the nok letter we mention the memorial name. Then print out a tribute report which has the donors' name and addresses. The report is sent along with the letter.

    In order to generate the nok letter, you need to be creating a record for the nok - not just adding them on the relationship tab. We use the query created from entering the batch to  create the thank you letter to the donor & envelopes, the nok letter & envelopes, and the tribute report for the nok.

    my email address is lsteen@hph-hospice.net for questions.


  • 05-18-2010 12:56 PM In reply to

    Re: Acknowledgment Letters

    We do not have the tribute module... but I think you can use the same strategy for the Ack and NOK letters.

     I have it set up so that the NOK is the 2nd page of the Ack Letter, laid out however is appropriate for your organization.  Page one is the Acknolwedgement and page two is the NOK letter/note, with all the info filled in.    Nooo sticky notes or side lists or matching up one pile with another. 

    Because we do not have the Tribute Module... We but the NOK info in the Gift Attributes.  One field for each of these parts that need to be merged into the body of the letters.  IMO/IHO type, IMO/IHO Name, NOK Name(s), NOK Salutation, NOK Street Address, NOK City State Zip

    Then when you layout out the Ack and NOK you can place all of those fields in the letters where you need them... The IMO/IHO Type and Name will be in the Ack and the NOK for instance.  Get it?

  • 05-18-2010 1:22 PM In reply to

    • Melissa Brown
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    Re: Acknowledgment Letters

    Why not use the relationships?  I can put my NOK in as a relationship on the tributee's record and using mail honor/memorial acknowledgement letters we generate all the letters -- donor and notificant.


    Melissa Brown
    Manager, Donor Services
    Abramson Center for Jewish Life
    1425 Horsham Rd
    North Wales, PA 19454
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